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Vox Hits Clean Water in Mothomelo

By July 29, 2011March 23rd, 2015water

Over the past 10 days Vox United SA has been on location in the CKGR, Botswana, drilling new boreholes for the Bushmen of the Kalahari. The team was successful in Mothomelo when they hit water at about 72 meters (236 feet). The water is clean, sweet and flows at 800 to 1000 liters per hour as tested by the drilling team. Rigs later traveled to Motsiamononeng and worked overtime – drilling 2 holes in 2 different geographical locations – both rendering strong water with high levels of salt content. The Bushmen elders are currently assisting with the project in Motsiamononeng by scouting the area for an old De Beers hole (about 25km (15miles) in a westerly direction). The hope is that this old hole can be rehabilitated. The villages of Molapo and Gope are next on the drilling schedule. Workers sleep in tents and temperatures can drop below freezing (-2 degrees Celsius/28 degrees F and less) at night.

Water for the Bushmen of the Kalahari from VoxUnited on Vimeo.

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