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This Old Well: 34 wells restored

By November 20, 2012March 23rd, 2015water
34 wells rehabilitated in the Cabo del Gado province of Mozambique means potable water for over 50,000 people!

Over the last 8 months our teams in northern Mozambique have been working with provincial and local government to identify non-functioning wells in the districts of Macomia and Melucco. As of November 1st, 46 wells had been identified and specked for rehabilitation.

On November 3, a team of Vox mechanics and engineers from the US joined our partners, Food for the Hungry in Mozambique to begin the Phase I task of bringing these wells back to life. We’re excited to report that 34 wells were able to be rehabilitated and are now providing clean water to thousands of rural people.

Our teams on the ground will continue to monitor the restored wells and begin laying out the phase II sustainability plan that will include training and certification for local mechanics, community infrastructure development and spare parts distribution.

Vox documents and maps each well rehabilitation, results will be available soon.

Vox operates exclusively on private and grass-roots donations. Your help and financial investment makes this life-giving work a reality. Thank you for your on-going support and commitment.

Photos courtesy of Eric Kruszewski

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vox united well restoration

vox united well restoration

vox united well restoration