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Sustainable Water

By June 30, 2014water

It’s not enough to simply drop in a new well, or restore a non-functioning one and call it good. The hard work of development centers on sustainability. At Vox we’re committed to the hard work – making sure that every well we touch continues to function. Below is diagram that illustrates how we execute water projects and keep the clean water flowing.


How Vox executes projects and keeps the water flowing:

  1. We work with government officials to identify water-needy villages.
  2. We identify, train & deploy local well mechanics.
  3. We help local villages create water committees that oversee health & hygiene, collect usage fees and pay mechanics for well maintenance.
  4. We establish supply channels – making spare parts readily available when needed.
  5. We transfer official well ownership to the local community.
  6. We work with the municipality to develop a monitoring and reporting system.