be healthy, give life

Opt For Water is a simple way for you, your family and friends to get involved and give people the gift of clean drinking water.

Be Healthy

by drinking tap or filtered water instead of non-essential beverages.

Give Life

by donating your beverage savings to clean water projects.

1. Opt In

Your challenge begins when you register below. We’ll email you a confirmation along with a few tips on how to make the most of your 30-day experience.

2. Donate

Drink tap water instead of purchasing beverages. In turn, donate the money you would have spent. Donate at

3. Results

When you donate, people get clean drinking water. 100% of your donation is used by Vox to execute clean drinking water projects in Africa.

4. Post It

Celebrate, challenge your friends, and share your Opt For Water photos on social media using the hashtag #OptForWater.

opt for water

The 30-Day #OptForWater Challenge

By opting in, you’re accepting the challenge to be healthy and give life. Every time you choose to drink tap water instead of purchasing a beverage and donate the savings, you’re giving kids in Africa the gift of clean drinking water. As little at $5 gives a child clean water for a year.