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By April 23, 2012March 23rd, 2015water

A few noteworthy highlights on the clean water front:

  • This past Wednesday a crew of guys from Providence Church in Holland, MI stopped by the Vox office to learn more about Africa’s need for clean water. After a short presentation and some Q&A, Brad Haan gave a well repair demonstration. The Vox well trailer was on site for the boys to pump water and portage it like people in Africa do on a daily basis. The group is currently working to raise funds to give a village in Mozambique access to clean, safe water.
  • The 2nd graders at Rose Park Elementary School in Holland, Michigan continue to have an amazing impact. For the past three years Melanie Scott’s classes, along with other classes, have raised enough money to fund close to half of a well rehabilitation each year for the past three years. With Melanie’s leadership, the kids at Rose Park have made it possible for hundreds of people in Mozambique to receive clean water.
  • Snug Harbor restaurant in Grand Haven Michigan recently held a benefit to underwrite clean water for people in Africa. Thanks to Brenda and her team.
  • MSU student organization and non-profit SACWAS (Students Allied for Clean Water and Adequate Sanitation) stepped up to the plate and launched a Do it [well] campaign a few months back. Through grass-roots awareness and fundraising, they were recently able to complete their campaign, making it  possible for a non-functioning well in Mozambique to be fully rehabilitated.