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New Well: EPC Primary School in Nangade

By June 20, 2018School Wells

Over 1800 students and their families now have access to clean water and a vegetable garden.

Located near Nangade town, EPC Nangade Sede is a primary school (grades 1-7) that opened soon after Mozambican gained independence in 1976. For 42 years the school had operated without a borehole or reliable water access point; but not anymore. Today the students a have a new well located on the school premises and it’s already having a huge impact on how they live and learn.

hitting water when drilling for a new well

We recently caught of with headmaster, Vistis Pedro. He sees the new well as a lifesaving milestone for the school and community. He remembers how students would skip class and go to neighboring houses asking for drinking water. Often children would be gone for hours. When asked about the benefits of the new well, he said, “We are assured that students drink clean and safe water as they attend lessons. This keeps them healthy and active for classes.”

Vistis had always dreamed of having a school curriculum where students could learn how to grow produce, and also help their families. With the new well, they now have water to grow vegetables and learn agriculture. He envisions the new livelihood project to be a major contributor to the reduction of malnutrition.

“I believe this school garden will be a great experience for our students. It will transform both them and their families.” —Vistis

headmaster of EPC Nangade Sede

Headmaster, Vistis Joaquim Pedro

EPC Nangade Garden

New livelihood garden project at EPC Nangade.

More school updates to come! See an overview of the School Well project here