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Mozambique School Well Finished

By August 15, 2012March 23rd, 2015water
new school well in Mozambique
Nhauranga, Mozambique: With your help we were able to install a deep well at a new primary school recently built by Food for the Hungry.

The new well measures in at 54 meters (177ft) and will serve 400 students and their families. Last week, the provincial governor, local administrators and a news crew gathered for the formal inauguration.

A clean water access point at a school is an ideal situation. When rural schools have clean drinking water, children are freed up to attend class instead of walking hours each day to fetch water that is likely to make them sick. Clean water also helps to build a solid educational infrastructure which in turn, attracts quality teachers. When students receive a quality education, they can find the capacity to think and potentially live beyond the limits of poverty.
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