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Ken Chang Behind the Camera

By May 18, 2012March 23rd, 2015water

Vox continues the “Up Close” series with Ken Chang, founder of River to Well.

Vox: Tell us about River To Well.
Ken: River To Well is a project that uses photography to make a difference. We host an annual, open photo competition that supports clean water projects in Africa.

Vox: Give us a thumbnail on how RTW started.
Ken: I was talking with a freshman in college one day and he shared with me about the water crisis in Africa and how he wanted to make a difference. Later that year I had an opportunity to go on a trip with our church to South Africa, and all the stuff that my friend had been talking about was right there in front of me. So we came home and started brainstorming about what we could do to help. Out of that brainstorming session came the idea to organize a photo competition where photographers of all levels could use their art to make a difference.

Vox: What is your role with RTW?
Ken: Project leader. This is not my full time job but I try to keep things moving along. Sometimes I’m known as the founder, but my primary role is project leader.

Vox: What’s your motivation?
Ken: I’m a typical type A person–so finding new ways to help people is something I’m always thinking about.

Vox: What’s the most significant thing that has happened?
Ken: The partnership with Vox. When we got with Brian and starting talking about partnering – that was the biggest thing! We are so excited to know that the monies we raise are going directly to a place where we know for a fact that people are getting clean water.

Vox: What’s your dream?
Ken: Taking creative people and mobilizing them for something greater. Creatives can be very passionate people. If we can expose them to the needs of the world, they have unique capacities to help others see what “could be.”

100% of River to Well proceeds go exclusively to fund water projects through Vox United. If you are professional or aspiring photographer and would like to use your talent to change the world and make a difference, let us know. We would be happy to get you connected to the River to Well community.

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