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How the new Audi R8 compares with a well in Africa

By January 8, 2015water


You desperately need transportation, but you don’t have the money to buy a car, so you walk everywhere.

Out of the blue, some strangers show up from another country and give you a brand new Audi R8! There is great fanfare and people are taking pictures. All of a sudden they’re gone.

You drive the R8 and your life is improved because you now have access to transportation. Unfortunately, you don’t have the knowledge, parts, or money to change the oil or maintain the vehicle.

After a year or so, the engine seizes up and you can’t start your car. So it just sits on the side of the road where it broke down, and you are back to walking.1

Giving a village a new well is huge, but it’s not enough. For people to have sustainable clean water, locals need to be trained and have access to spare parts when things break.

When you invest in a Vox Water Project, you are not only giving people clean water, but also helping to create a sustainable infrastructure where people receive maintenance training and access to spare parts.

Help us keep the water flowing! Donate to a Vox Water Project now.

1Kyle Westaway, “Innovation for Clean Water in Africa,” Huffington Post

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