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Empowering Employees, Transforming Lives

By June 3, 2024Funding Partners

Empowering Employees,
Transforming Lives

The Twisthink Model for Meaningful Giving

Twisthink is a professional service firm that partners with companies to develop digital strategies and solutions. Since VOX’s founding, Twisthink has been a consistent partner, helping to transform the lives of thousands in rural Africa with access to clean drinking water.

Businesses today have the unique opportunity and responsibility to drive positive change. At Twisthink, we firmly believe that creating impact goes beyond the boundaries of our company. Giving back is not just a box we check or a line item on the budget; it’s woven into the very fabric of Twisthink’s DNA. This commitment isn’t just about sporadic donations or volunteer days. It’s about strategic giving, integrated into our business model and driven by consistent conversation.

The ROI of Strategic Giving

Our intentional giving strategy of aligning our resources with causes that resonate with our team and have the potential to create truly significant change has yielded undeniable results. Here’s how:

Empowered and Engaged Team: Giving back enhances employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement. It fosters team spirit and camaraderie among employees, resulting in a more tightly knit and motivated team. It serves as a reminder that our organization can touch lives beyond our strategy and technology work. And when individuals feel empowered to contribute beyond their daily work, it creates a positive and inspiring work environment.

Talent Attraction: In today’s competitive job market, we’ve seen that prospective employees are looking for more than just a paycheck – they’re looking for employers who align with their values. Knowing Twisthink stands for something bigger than its own success helps us attract additional passionate, purpose-driven individuals.

Organizational Impact: Our giveback strategy allows us to extend our influence beyond our immediate boundaries. It gives us the opportunity to live into our purpose of “creating impact” with authenticity. By investing time, resources, and expertise into philanthropic initiatives, we significantly impact communities, causes, and social issues. This creates a lasting and positive legacy, positioning our company as a force for good.

Engaging Everyone in the Giving Journey

So, how do we get everyone involved? We partner with organizations our team truly cares about, causes that resonate with their values and passions. This isn’t a top-down directive; it’s a collaborative team effort, fueled by the voices of our people. We organize fundraising events, encourage personal participation in volunteer initiatives, and offer team members the opportunity to donate to charities of their choice through our “Champion Your Cause” program. Seeing the faces we’re helping, feeling the tangible impact of our collective efforts – that’s what inspires our team and fuels our commitment. Their dedication and creativity soar when they see their company actively making the world a better place. That’s the true ROI of giving back – a surge in employee engagement that translates into tangible business success.

Global Impact, Local Roots

Some might question why a tech company in Michigan is looking beyond its borders. The answer is simple: humanity knows no boundaries. Whether it’s our local food bank or a village struggling with water scarcity in rural Africa, suffering exists everywhere. And where there’s suffering, there’s a call to action.

That’s why we support VOX. Their focus on sustainable water solutions resonates deeply with us. Water is essential to life. Yet, over 2 billion people worldwide lack safe drinking water. This injustice surpasses borders, affecting health, education, and economic opportunity. By empowering communities with access to clean water, VOX isn’t just alleviating hardship; they’re planting the seeds of a brighter future.

A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

Giving back isn’t just about feeling good or polishing our corporate image. It’s about aligning our values with action, empowering our team, and creating a ripple effect of positive change that stretches far beyond our office walls. At Twisthink, we believe in creating impact: with our team, our customers, our communities, and the world. We invite you to join us on this journey of meaningful giving, where every action, big or small, can make a difference.

Robert Niemiec, Twisthink Managing Partner

-Robert Niemiec, Twisthink Managing Partner

VOX is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. EIN: #20-8989756

Give with Confidence

Charity Navigator 4 star logoVOX has a 4-star rating with Charity Navigator, their highest rating.