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Sorry for the Potty Talk

By October 14, 2016October 26th, 2016School Wells

The average American uses the toilet 6-8 times a day. What would happen if every toilet in the US suddenly disappeared?

Can you imagine?

Imagine the mess and the health challenges we would face as a nation.

Unfortunately, this is reality for millions in rural Africa. Consequently, diseases related to improper sanitation take the lives of more children than AIDS, measles and malaria combined.

Vox will be drilling new wells at 4 schools in Mozambique next month. Having access to clean drinking water on the school property will make it possible for hundreds of kids to attend school. YES!

Water is essential, but so is proper sanitation.

Without a satisfactory toilet or latrine, students, especially adolescent girls, will have difficultly with consistent class attendance and maintaining good health & hygiene.

At Vox we believe a child should never have to attend a school without a proper toilet; so we’re going to do something about it. With your financial help, we can build a solid 3-stall (1 for the boys and 2 for the girls) cinderblock latrine house for $3500.

Our goal is to match each of the 4 new wells with a latrine to make it the best health & hygiene scenario possible. We already have the wells sponsored, we just need some help with the latrines.

Want to help?